Alexander Dembitzer



Alex Dembitzer’s career as a real estate developer, investor, and philanthropist has spanned several decades and taken him to cities across the United States and throughout the world. Whether working independently or with the companies and foundations he has helped to found, Dembitzer has made his mark on the world of real estate.


the Foundation

Alex and Rosa Dembitzer, in partnership with Jackie Fried, founded the non-profit Northern Charitable Foundation, Inc. Together, they envisioned programs that would work with local organizations in the realm of public health, challenging diseases, and sports. Every member of the foundation is very involved in their programs; born out of personal experience of the founders. Programs focus on genetic cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, bone marrow registry program, girls’ development through sports, and many others.

Real-Estate Services

Founded by Alex Dembitzer in 2010, SkyREM, LLC has a large and solid portfolio of commercial, industrial, residential, and flex properties. These are managed by a team of knowledgeable and highly trained professionals that add value to all acquired properties. Sky has corporate offices in New York City and Philadelphia. Sky’s goal is to keep expanding its portfolio of high quality properties and keep providing outstanding services to their tenants and business partners.

About Sky Power

Sky Power is a leading provider of solar systems that converts large industrial buildings into self-sufficient energy hubs with solar installations on their roofs. Sky Power believes the future depends on the interaction of green energy and business. It’s good for the planet, business, and society. Sky’s goal is to keep expanding and providing more installations of renewable energy sources in the future.